Multi-touch sensing over interactive surfaces is a pervasive feature present in mobile, PC and large form factor displays. It is an area of research that is changing and developing into one of the most important core issues regarding stability and growth in how users interact with applications. Our research focuses on producing a versatile technology both low-cost and user centric minded allowing for creative and novel applications using gesture and object detection.

Focused Areas of Research

  • Infrared-based multi-touch sensing
  • Mobile and large display platforms (Projection and LCD displays)
  • Finger and Hand Tracking (i.e. gesture support)
  • Unsupervised Object Detection using blob shape matching techniques

Multi-touch Hardware and Process

Laser Light Module Dual Plane Interaction Method

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[Process for Finger and Object Detection]

  • LLP+: Blob Detection

  • LLP+: Touch Detection and Stability Test

  • Publications

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