Interaction Design Team

Research Topics on Wearable/Ubiquitous Computing

  • Ubiquitous Computing for Wearable Computer
  • The Development of Jacket typed wearable computer
  • Emergency service based on color code for Patrol jacket
  • Entertainment service based on color code for Storeguide jacket
  • Ubiquitous Computing for Wide Area(town): Intelligent Context Awareness
  • Sensor Network (REID, Image code, etc..) in streetware
  • LBS(Location based Service), Context Awareness
  • Service Architecture / Application in Ubiquitous computing Environment

3D Team

Research Topics on 3D Computer Graphics Accelerator Architecture

  • The Design of Application-Driven 3D Grpahics Accelerator Architecture
  • Real Time Ray Tracing Architecture Design
  • Polygon-based Rendering Architecture
  • Computer Vison Processing Architecture
  • Volume-based Rendering Architecture
  • Image/Point-based Rendering Architecture